New international standard for consumer IoT in development

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The Business Standards Company (BSI) is running the secretariat for an ISO Project Committee that is developing a new standard aimed at protecting consumer’s domestic privacy, ISO 23485 Consumer protection - Privacy by design for consumer goods and services.


Currently, Data Protection legislation leaves a gap in terms of consumer protection, as it excludes consumer’s private use of their products, says BSI. The task of the ISO PC 317 is to develop a standard to address product design processes to ensure that good privacy controls are designed into consumer products from the offset, and that the security of consumer products is maintained over product lifetimes.

In the short term, BSI plans to publish a White Paper aimed at UK organisations that gives commentary on available IoT standards.

In the long term, it intends to develop some de facto standards into British standards; and/or write some British Standards to fill any gaps.

BSI is looking to hear from those in industries affected by IoT and engage with start-ups and SMEs across a broad range of sectors.

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