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Seeed Studio is an innovative electronics manufacturer of hardware modules for makers of DIY projects. Seeed's portfolio of platforms inspires engineers and hobbyists to develop, grow and innovate projects and products. Hardware innovators can quickly prototype, integrate, and create differentiating designs using the modules to support the boom of open source hardware and 3D printing applications. By working closely with technology providers of all scales, Seeed Studio provides accessible technologies with quality and speed.

Fans, Thermal Management
Boxes, Enclosures, Racks
Sensors, Transducers
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Sidekick Basic Kit for LaunchPad (简介与案例合集)

Upload time:2017/12/15 13:14

Sidekick Basic Kit for LaunchPad简介

Upload time:2017/12/15 13:13

Energia Sidekick _ Example 00

Upload time:2017/12/15 13:12

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