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Texas Instruments - Texas Instruments, a global semiconductor company, designs and manufactures analog, digital signal processing (DSP) and DLP® chip technologies. TI’s vast semiconductor inventory includes National Semiconductor products. 

Connectors, Interconnects
Fans, Thermal Management
Part MFG Description Stock Unit Price
DRV8837DSGR Texas Instruments IC MOTOR DRIVER PAR 8WSON 147000 --
SN74LVC1G04DCKR Texas Instruments IC SINGLE INVERTER GATE SC70-5 54000 --
TPS3813K33DBVR Texas Instruments IC 2.93V SUPPLY MONITOR SOT-23-6 54000 --
TPS54202DDCR Texas Instruments IC REG BUCK ADJ 2A SYNC SOT23-6 48000 --
LMR14020SDDAR Texas Instruments IC REG BUCK ADJ 2A 47500 --
TLV70433DBVR Texas Instruments IC REG LDO 3.3V 0.15A SOT23-5 45000 --
TPS61030PWPR Texas Instruments IC REG BOOST SYNC ADJ 16HTSSOP 42000 --
CC1110F32RHHR Texas Instruments IC SOC RF TXRX W/8051 MCU 36-VQF 40000 --
TPS54331DR Texas Instruments TPS54331DR , 直流-直流转换器, 3A, 可调输出, 0.8 → 25 V, 降压, 684 kHz, 8针 SOIC封装 35000 --
TMP411ADR Texas Instruments IC REMOTE TEMP SENSOR 8SOIC 35000 --

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